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Easy Ways to Practice Mindful Eating

Welcome to Dining In—a series that takes you into the homes of Thrive Market employees and brand partners to share what cooking in our own kitchens really looks like. Today, we’re introducing you to Kelly LeVeque. LeVeque is a holistic nutritionist, wellness expert, and celebrity health coach based in Los Angeles. She shares her tips ...

How to Eat Healthy in Restaurants

Although it’s nice to treat yourself to a decadent meal without worrying about calories, sometimes (especially when you’re trying to eat healthy), throwing caution to the wind just isn’t practical. The good news? Healthy options are available at just about any restaurant, you simply need to know where to look. From eating well while on ...

Clean Eating With Fitness Expert Don Saladino

When it comes to helping your body become a clean, green machine, Garden of Life (GoL) has a long history of creating some of the best supplements around. Along with every employee’s “fanatical” obsession with real food, three pillars of whole food science, clean ingredients, and traceability form the foundation for everything from probiotics to ...

Whole30 Experts Share 5 Tips for First Trimester Pregnancy Eating

Pregnant? Congrats! Feeling a little sick? We hear you (and some of our editors have been there, too). That’s why we checked in with Whole30 Healthy Mama, Happy Baby’s Stephanie Greunke, a registered dietitian who specializes in women’s health. Many of her suggestions are Whole30-compliant, so whether you’re doing the program during your pregnancy or ...

3 Reasons to Put Down Your Smartphone and Try Mindful Eating

Look at almost any ancient culture around the world, and you’ll find a culture of food. But not just food, meals. With real people—often family—real food, and few distractions. Historically, mealtime is a sacred space.

14 Healthy Snacks to Satisfy Even the Pickiest Eaters

Do you have to say goodbye to snacking once you’ve adopted new healthy eating habits? No way! Aside from being one of our favorite things in life, snacks keep us fueled.

The USDA Just Gave Americans a Grade on Healthy Eating—And It’s Not Pretty

It’s no secret that the Standard American Diet—including lots of processed foods, sugar, salt, and fat—is not doing us any favors in the health department. 117 million Americans (that’s about half of us)  suffer from one or more preventable diseases, many of which are connected to diet and nutrition.

7 Weird Health Habits Celebrities Swear By

Waking up in a multi-million dollar home, enjoying a breakfast cooked by your private chef, being primped and pampered by your glam team, maybe heading off to a photoshoot or red carpet event … it must be nice to be a celebrity.

7 Small Steps to Ease Your Family into Healthier Habits

You want your family to start eating together and eating healthier, but where to begin? Making lots of changes too quickly could lead to a rebellion in your household.

5 ‘Healthy’ Habits That Are Sabotaging Your Weight Loss

Recently a friend pulled me aside during a night out. About a year ago, she lost a ton of weight by changing up her eating habits and working out. “But now,” she confided, “I’ve totally plateaued and I feel stuck. I’m doing cardio all the time, eating low-fat, and watching all my calories. What am I doing ...

Psst, You’re Probably Eating Too Much. Here’s What Servings Should Look Like

Step into any American restaurant, and as soon as the plate hits the table, it’s evident that our ideas about serving sizes have become distorted over the years.

5 No-Cost Ways to Kick Your Bad Habits to The Curb

You notice it while you’re out at happy hour with a friend: “It’s literally the best job ever. Quite literally, I love this french fry. Like, literally, I cannot stand the color green”. It’s all literally driving you bonkers, and it’s almost enough to make you call it a night and go home early.

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