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Freshé Makes Sustainably Sourced Tinned Fish With Vibrant, Global Flavors

It’s more difficult to grasp the importance of sustainable sourcing in seafood than it is in other food industries. For many, the ocean seems vast, limitless, and very far away from their kitchens. It may feel impossible to deplete the ocean’s fish populations, but in reality, unsustainable practices in the commercial fishing industry have led ...

How to Use Canned Fish

If your canned fish repertoire involves mashing up tuna and mayonnaise for a quick lunch, it’s high time to expand your palate—and your pantry’s offerings.

How Wild Planet Makes it Easy to Choose Sustainable Seafood

In Bill Carvalho’s home, there’s a no-kill policy for spiders. Creepy-crawly creatures are captured and released outside. “We don’t kill stuff,” he says definitively. “Unless we’re going to eat it.”

Expert Cooking Tips for High-Quality Meats and Seafood

Ever purchased a high-quality piece of grass-fed beef, wild-caught salmon, or pasture-raised chicken to cook for dinner, only to have it come out less delicious than you hoped? When you’re working with high-quality meats and seafood, a few extra minutes or a couple of degrees can make all the difference; they require some additional expertise ...

What You Need to Know About Sustainable Seafood

Succulent scallops basted with fragrant garlic butter. Delicate slices of seared tuna with vibrant pink centers. A seafood spread can certainly impress…but how did that fish find its way to your plate? If you don’t know, you may be inadvertently supporting fishing practices that deplete oceans, damage ecosystems, and promote unethical labor practices.

Meet Our 4 Ocean-Friendly Values

World Oceans Day is Monday, June 8. To celebrate, we’re showcasing four of our favorite—but perhaps lesser-known—values. Meet: Low-Waste Living, Plastic-Free, Turtle + Dolphin Safe, and Sustainably Caught. Our mission is to make healthy living easy, and that commitment expands beyond our members and our soil to the very oceans that provide the sea greens ...

Video: Easy Salmon Recipes

If you’re craving something easy yet elegant, the best way to cook salmon is broiling it in the oven. And bonus: These recipes use frozen filets so you don’t even need to worry about defrosting! Today on Prep School, Megan Mitchell shows us two ways to make salmon that speaks to both your sweet and ...

25 Best Comfort Food Recipes

We know you’re probably in desperate need of a big bear hug from your bestie, neighbor, or extended family member. Except … social distancing. We don’t know when the restrictions will lift, but we can help you eat your way to a better mood through some quality home cooking. From vegan mac and cheese and ...

Paleo on a Budget: Top Products for Saving Money and Eating Healthy

If you’re excited to embrace your inner caveman—but wondering how it’ll impact your monthly food budget—we’re here to help. Paleo diet rules keep you focused on eating whole foods, less sugar, low carbs, and the right amount of protein. We have a few rules of our own to add—specifically when it comes to shopping. With ...

Low Carb vs. Keto

Whenever you change up your eating routine, there’s bound to be a bit of a learning curve. Practicing paleo is a lifestyle change that involves focusing on caveman-inspired ingredients and habits (like limiting screen time at night), while Whole30® guides you to give up gluten, grains, legumes, and other ingredients for 30 days to help ...

How to Cook Scallops

Are you the kind of person who loves ordering scallops from a restaurant menu, but rarely cooks them at home? We’ve been there. Scallops can seem like an extra-special dish that’s reserved for nice dinners out—but they’re far too tasbrty to eat only on rare occasions. Plus, this shellfish is quick cooking and the perfect ...

Anchovies vs. Sardines

It’s high time sardines and anchovies get their due as the nutritional powerhouses, secret ingredients, and delicious fish they truly are. Not convinced? We get it. Anchovy fillets and sardines have a history of being somewhat … polarizing. But we’re arguing part of the reason for their lack of love is simply not knowing enough ...

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