The Best Healthy Baby Foods, Snacks, Pouches & More

Last Update: April 24, 2024

There’s nothing more important to parents than the health and nutrition of their babies. From the formula they drink when they’re an infant to the snacks they eat when they’re a toddler, you likely do quite a bit of research to make sure you’re only choosing the very healthiest baby foods. 

How and when you introduce your baby to solid foods is completely up to you, but when you make the step, it’s important that you have access to wholesome, nutritious foods that are appropriate for your baby’s stage in life. To make it even easier for discerning parents, we’ve rounded up our best healthy baby foods, including organic formula, baby cereals, baby food pouches, and more for babies and toddlers at every age. 

Best Baby Formula for Babies 0-6 Months

Aussie Bubs Organic Grass Fed Infant Formula, Stage 1
Made with organic milk from grass-fed cows and free of growth hormones, artificial sweeteners, chemicals, pesticides, colors, and preservatives, this pure makes a perfect first baby formula for ages 0 to 6 months.

Best Baby Formula for Babies 6-12 Months 

Happy Family Happy Baby Organic Infant Formula with Iron – Stage 2
Whether you use it in place of breastfeeding or as a supplement, this baby formula is made to mimic the nutritional profile of breastmilk. 

Best Baby Formula for Babies 12-24 Months 

Kabrita Goat Milk Toddler Formula Powder, 12-24 Months
This Dutch goat milk formula is naturally easy to digest, which makes it a good choice for supplementing while breastfeeding or weaning your baby. It contains 22 vitamins and minerals like vitamin D, DHA, and iron, and it may be a good alternative for babies with cow milk sensitivities.

Best Toddler Formula for Ages 24-36 Months

Serenity Kids Toddler Formula, Grass Fed A2 Whole Milk
Want to supplement your toddler’s diet with a wholesome, protein-rich formula? This one from Serenity Kids is made with high quality A2 milk (which comes from cows that produce the A2 beta-casein protein known for easier digestion), and contains vitamins D, E, A, and K, healthy fats from cocoa butter, and DHA from algae.

Best Baby Food Pouches 

Serenity Kids Grass Fed Beef with Organic Kale and Sweet Potato Baby Food Pouches 

Want to get your baby started eating meat early? This organic baby food pouch from Serenity Kids contains grass-fed beef to deliver 5g of protein per serving, as well as organic kale and sweet potatoes for a fully balanced, blended meal. 

Cerebelly Spinach, Apple & Sweet Potato Organic Baby Food Pouches

Made with fresh fruits and vegetables that are rich in folate, iron, vitamin E, selenium, and DHA, these pouches from Cerebelliy are designed to help support your baby’s developing brain.

Pumpkin Tree Organics Banana, Mango, Broccoli & Kale Pouches

These non-GMO, organic baby food pouches are loaded with fresh fruits and vegetables, and they’re resealable for on-the-go meals.

Best Baby Cereals

Amara Baby Food Ancient Grain Cereal with Fruit Bites

Made up of 20% plant-based protein and real fruit, this baby cereal is designed to mix with breastmilk or water to help your baby transition to solid foods. 

Else Nutrition Plant-Powered Super Cereal, Vanilla

Babies 6 months and up will benefit from this baby cereal filled with protein, healthy fats, and 20+ essential vitamins and minerals from whole foods like  almonds and buckwheat. 

Best Baby Food for Digestion 

Tiny Sprouts Organic Digestion Booster + Vitamin D & Probiotics

Sprinkle this baby digestion supplement into your baby’s food or bottle to deliver 500 million CFU of probiotics per serving. 

Best Dairy-Free Baby Food 

Serenity Kids Dairy Free Smoothie + Protein, Beet & Carrot

For babies with dairy sensitivities, this dairy-free baby food is made with organic coconut cream, organic vegetables, and high-quality protein for complete nutrition without the allergens.  

Best Baby Teething Biscuits 

Baby Mum-Mum Baby Mum-Mum Sweet Potato & Carrot Rice Rusks

When your little one’s teeth start to come through, you’ll likely look for any way to give them some relief. These teething biscuits from Baby Mum-Mum are made with natural ingredients to deliver some nutrition while soothing your baby’s teeth and gums. 

Best Healthy Baby Snacks 

Thrive Market Organic Apple Sauce Pouches 
The only ingredient in these pouches is real, organic apples — no added preservatives or sugar. They’re naturally sweet, nutritious, and easy enough for even the tiniest hands to hold. 

Amara Baby Food Yogurt Melts, Beets n’ Berries
|These yogurt-based bites are made with organic, dehydrated fruits and veggies for a convenient, bite-sized snack that toddlers will love. 

Puffworks Baby Puffs, Almond Butter
With only organic almond butter, corn meal, and a hint of sea salt, these soft, puffed baby snacks will help your baby to learn to safely self-feed. 

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