The Ultimate, All-Natural Way to Kick A Hangover Fast

August 21, 2015
by Michelle Pellizzon for Thrive Market
The Ultimate, All-Natural Way to Kick A Hangover Fast

It's one of those Saturday mornings. Friday night is a blur, and a pounding headache insatiable thirst, and intense nausea threaten to ruin your entire day.

Hangovers happen, and the only thing you can think about when you’re plagued with a throbbing headache, nausea, and overall sense of malaise is, "How can I make this go away? Right. Now."

Happily, there can totally treat your hangover organically and actually feel better. Stick to these easy steps before, during, and after the next time you imbibe and you’ll wake up feeling great!

Start drinking—but water this time

Unfortunately, you can’t just chug a bottle of water and call yourself ‘hydrated’. Drink fluids like mineral water, coconut water, or even a beverage with added electrolytes consistently for the 24 hours leading up to your first drink and the morning after a night out to ensure that you’ve got enough H2O in your body.

Eat a meal, or at least a snack, to soothe your stomach

Alcohol irritates your stomach lining, which is why nausea or lack of appetite are common when we’ve had a little too much to drink. Something with protein, complex carbohydrates, and fiber is best, because it will take your body a little longer to break down and metabolize.

Vitamin C and B vitamins to the rescue

Alcohol is an immunosuppressant, so popping some vitamin C certainly won’t do your body any harm. In fact, taking vitamin C and B vitamins can let you drink your beer and enjoy it too! Studies show that vitamin C inhibits the toxic effects of alcohol (the hangover), but not its pharmacological effects (the fun part). B vitamins are known to support liver function which will help you process alcohol more efficiently.

Try activated charcoal—we're serious

If you drink a little more than you anticipated, swallow some activated charcoal. It works best if you throw back a few capsules right before bed, but downing some charcoal the morning after a rowdy night can work too.  It will help soak up the toxicity in your system, and it can ease an upset stomach and indigestion that sometimes strikes after a night of beer drinking.

Swap your morning coffee for a liver detox tea.

Caffeine is tricky, because it can trigger headaches and migraines, but it’s also a godsend for some after a rough night. If you know it works for you, try it, but we recommend a liver detox tea with milk thistle just to clear out any toxins that may have accumulated while you were sleeping.

The best thing to remember if you wake up with a hangover? The hair of the dog isn't going to help you... Instead, it will probably make your hangover worse. Try these natural cures and you just might be game for a Saturday hike rather than spending the day horizontal on the couch.

Photo credit: Robert S. Donovan via Flickr

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  • Legend79

    Drinking is such a personal thing. The drinker really has to figure out their own limits and means to prevent or mitigate a hangover. All the above are good suggestions. Ialso suggest drinking water while drinking, especially after every two drinks. Just down some water...nothing with sugar. Know your body and know how fit you are at the time of drinking...if you worked out earlier or competed and youre at an after party, and didn't provide yourself with proper nutritional support - eat! Even the bar food is better then you virtously sticking to your diet plan - while doing shots - and starving yourself.