Sacha Inchi

16 oz jar

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16 oz jar

Why You’ll Love It

Sacha Inchi is the ultimate snack for a supercharged lifestyle. This powerhouse seed contains an incredible 30% protein; making it the perfect fuel for hikes and workouts. Sacha Inchi thrives in the pristine, mountainous rainforest regions of Southeast Asia. They contain 50% Omegas, all 8 essential aminos, and more protein than almonds. This powerhouse seed is the best vegan source of Omega 3s on the whole planet! Sacha Inchi are similar to a nut in flavor, but has a much richer nutritional content. Use them in place of your favorite nut!
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About This Brand

Imlak’esh Organics is a sustainable, intentional company that specializes in the import and distribution of superfoods ethically sourced from small-scale organic farmers around the world. We are committed to working directly with farmers, cooperatives, and like-minded companies to grow abundance for all people on the planet. Imlak’esh strives to build a synergy between local agricultural economies and the global marketplace; providing living wages and socio-economic opportunities for international and US farmers alike. Our business is guided by a team of inspired, funky superfood pioneers who value environmental preservation, social justice, and healthy living. We want to promote a lifestyle of gratitude, intention, and integrity that centers around the nutrition we choose for our bodies.
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Toasted Sacha Inchi Seeds, Andean Rock Salt

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Reviews For Sacha Inchi

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Yummy nuggets!

I use to get these from Vega in a caramel flavor. Now that I have to be careful what I eat, I saw these. Much healthier version. I eat my 1/4 cup once a day. And am glad I'm putting a healthy snack into my body.

- valerie

Unique flavor

We like them, use in a mix for snacking, with golden berries and a few other things.

- Audrey


First time trying them after reading how good they were for you. I was very pleasantly surprised at how much I liked them. Didn't pick up any of the strange flavor, like fish, that I have read from other reviews. A+ from me, only problem is they are a bit pricey, but that should help remind me to eat them in moderation as I should.

- Jason

Tasty seeds

First time trying these little fellas. I'm a fan and greatly impressed with the nutritional value. But, a little go a long ways for me. Love the quantity and the price with Thrive.

- Mary M. Butsch-Anderson

Grows addictive

I'll admit, I was bummed at first taste. I thought I wouldn't be so adverse to the slightly fishy flavor....yet, I kept eating them. I didn't put them in anything, just had them by the small handful.
I found myself more contemplative and curious about the flavor than 'yuckened' by it. Then I realized I liked it. They don't taste fishy at all to me now, but I do have to watch how many I consume to avoid the Omega-burps.
I am a true fan now and look forward to including these in recipes! Especially as a vegetarian, I'm hoping to use their fishish flava to my advantage ;)

I not only recommend these highly, but encourage perseverance as they are delicious and have a great crunch!

- Rachel

Raw Food Enthusiast

These are tasty, and I got them for my son, who is allergic to most nuts. He has not problem eating these. However, they are listed as raw on here, but they are, in fact, lightly toasted, if that matters to you. :-)

- Tara

Great Snack

Absolutely love these nuts! They are a great alternative to my recently almond intolerance. Highly recommend!

- Renata

Sacha Inchi Seeds

They are awesome. Something different besides nuts

- MaryAnn Romayo

Nutritious Nut

I kept reading really positive things about the nutritional value of Sacha Inchi seeds and was really curious to try them. However reviews of the flavor concerned me. People seem to either really love them or hate them. I am really glad I tried them, and they're a great price on Thrive. However, if you're not open to new flavors or are concerned about the taste, this is a large 16 oz jar, which leaves you with a lot of leftovers if you don't like them. It's an oily nut with a distinct flavor. I let some friends try them too and if people didn't like the flavor right away, it did seem to grow on everyone.

- Barbara


Yummy nuts. My new favorite.

- Catherine

Old and Stale

Each time I order these they it's a toss up if they are going to be old and stale or fresh and delicious. This time old and stale.

- Baci

Allergic reaction possible!

While I liked Sacha Inchi as a nutty-like snack, my daughter had an allergic reaction (just like she had with a plant based protein powder containing sacha inchi ). Please consume a only piece or two if you're eating Sacha Inchi for the first time!

- Bridget

Better when toasted

Funky taste right from the jar that totally transforms when lightly toasted in a skillet, with or without added oil (sesame is great!). Can't stop eating them now!

- Thrive User

Not so Good

I bought these as I love all kinds of nuts and especially soy nuts and was looking for a different way to get some extra protein. These tasted pretty bad. No one in my family liked them and I had to give them away. Disappointing as they were so expensive and I couldn't even figure out a way to use them in a recipe. Bitter with a lingering rancid flavor.

- Erin

Better with use

When I first tasted these, I thought, "well this is something that is just gonna stay in my cupboard." But then I started snacking on a few when I got home from work, before yoga, and before I knew it, I'm hooked. Yes, they take a little getting used to, but once your palate adjusts, they have a appeal all their own. I also just yesterday mixed them with banana chips and got the perfect "not-too-sweet/salty snack mix". Enjoy. You might also prefer the Canopy Clusters, which are much better at first bite.

- Lisa

Acquired taste

Definitely have a taste that you have to get used to, but once you do, they're so addicting. I also love the jar.

- Lisa

Not for me

Taste like stale cardboard. I'll have to get my protein from something else.

- cindy

Just awful

There is no other way to describe these. The seal appeared to be broken when we got them and I would return them but don't know if it's worth the long line at the post office. Return policy says you can't return opened things anyway. They do taste rancid and I couldn't get past the first taste. They made me gag and I am use to eating all kinds of seeds, nuts and healthy stuff my friends won't touch. Very disappointing especially since they are so pricey.

- patricia

Consistently Great, Addictive Snack

Amazing snack for people looking for a healthy fat, filling natural food to eat on the go or anytime. The only potential downside is that they are toasted and salted, which makes them taste pretty darn good and hard to stop eating. Also, I wonder if toasting them makes them a bit less healthy due to mild oxidation of the good fats? Regardless, its an amazing food I highly recommend trying.

- Tom

Trying to like them

I want to like them, I really do but they taste old and stale, with a rancid oil after taste. Maybe adding a little spice will help?

- Christine

Sacha inchi

Love these seeds! Very unique, crunchy and fun to eat.

- Lynn

Um...not good.

I purchased these for my mother...she didn't like the taste. She gave them to me...I didn't like the taste. They tasted rancid...smelled like it too! Maybe I got a bad batch. Plan to return item as they are inedible.

- Laurie

worth learning to like

a super-food from the rain-forest, sachi inchi balances all the proteins, omega 3's, potassium, vitamins A and E, and fiber. When looking at the benefits of this product, the taste becomes a bit more addictive.

- Carol

a taste I'm willing to get used to

balanced nutrition in a rain-forest superfood, the taste unfamiliar, but rather enjoyable.

- Carol

I'll pass...

Tastes "fishy". Tried crushing it to add into baked goods but still tastes fishy.

- MM

Perfect in salad, not the best raw

These little guys are just about the perfect food--high protein and lots of goodness. They're great in a salad with some dressing or at least oil (Thrive market avocado oil, of course!). Just don't try them raw out of the bottle--they taste terrible by themselves. Unpleasing taste and chalky aftertaste.

- Anthony

Not what I was expecting.

These don't taste like nuts to me. They have an odd smell and the taste is just sorta off. Unfortunately I'll be either tossing the jar or giving them away.

- Amber

Tasty and filling snack

I had never heard of product before, and I was looking for new snacks to try that were high protein and low carb. This has ~30g protein per serving and there are several servings per jar. I like the taste although BF says it tastes like grass. Anyway, I love it and will be purchasing another jar soon.


several what seems to be rancid seeds

We bought these and wanted to love them. They have an odd flavor, that one could like in small amounts, but when you get an off or rancid tasting one, it ruins it. We have ate maybe a quarter of the jar and just can't stomach them after getting those off tasting or rancid tasting seeds. Don't buy!

- Stacey

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