Beef TallowBeef Tallow856166004006Our trademark. Our flagship. Since our tallow is extra pure, it's even more delicious, more naturally shelf stable, and more reusable than ordinary tallow. It's made from 100% grass-fed cows (of course), but it's our low-heat kettle rendering and advanced fine-filtering system that allows our cooking oil to meet the highest standards of Gourmet Cooks and those who know to Just Eat Real Food! We are so proud to present the first Pure Premium Grass Fed Cooking Tallow. Don't forget it's reusable for frying many times so it is in fact more economical than other oils. Hormone and antibiotic free and we use only humanely raised AWA certified beef.14 oz Jar
Question: - by Is this stuff supposed to turn black? Mine is! Starting at the bottom of the jar. Think it’s safe to eat?
First time - by Kinda gives the restaurant flavor to meat
Love this - by Once I learned that not all fats are bad, I was happy to find this beef tallow on Thrive. Searing steaks and roasts in it makes them absolutely delicious! I withheld the 5-star because of the expensive price tag.
Great cooking fat - by Easy to scoop, tastes great, and very filling. I like to cook vegetables like asparagus or broccoli with tallow to give them an extra bit of flavor.
I'm sure it's great if you are a fan of tallow! - by I bought it to use in skincare products. the smell is overwhelming but that is what beef tallow would smell like I'm sure. I have not tried it in cooking yet.
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Beef Tallow

Fatworks Foods
14 oz Jar
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