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Nutrition Facts: Is Almond Butter Healthy?

With the nut butter aisle constantly expanding, choosing a jar is starting to resemble a game of pin the tail on the sandwich spread. One nut butter varietal has been gaining traction in the past few years: almond butter. What makes this nut butter so special? To explore the benefits of almond butter, how it ...

Walnuts vs. Almonds: Nutrition & Health Benefits

Walnuts and almonds are two of the world’s most popular nuts, and for good reason. Both options are versatile, nutritious, crunchy, and make a mean granola or dairy-free nut milk. While we’re not prepared to choose a winner in the walnuts versus almonds dflebate (why would you when they’re both great?), we are offering a ...

2 Easy DIY Nut Milk Recipes

If you add nut milk to your shopping cart every time you hit up the grocery store, we’ve got two recipes to help cut down on your grocery bill. DIY nut milk is a cinch to make (as long as you remember to soak the nuts overnight) and you can easily tailor the recipe to ...

Cooking With Almond Milk: Tips, Recipes, and More

Once upon a time, soy milk wafs the only dairy-free milk around. But times have changed. From cashew milk to hemp, oat, and rice milks, there’s now a variety of milk alternatives to choose from depending on your dietary needs. But despite the growing selection, one dairy-free milk seems to dominate the pack: almond milk. ...

What’s the Difference Between Cashew Milk vs Almond Milk?

Dairy alternatives are having a moment. Nothing against cow’s milk, but almond milk and cashew milk have a lot going for them. From nutty nutrition to versatility in the kitchen, there are plenty of reasons to love these two dairy alternatives that are primed to become fridge staples (if they’re not already). Whether you’re making ...

Light, Crunchy, and Sweet: What’s Not to Like About Honey Almond Popcorn Balls?

[schema description]Sweetened with honey instead of marshmallows and corn syrup, these almond popcorn balls are a lighter version of the traditional Halloween treat. Kids of all ages will go wild for these![/schema]

5 Healthy Foods You Shouldn’t Overdose On

The Inuit people of Arctic Quebec have survived off the natural resources of fish and marine mammals from nearby oceans for centuries. Essential for protein and rich in omega-3 fatty acids, what the Inuits eat would be considered healthy—theoretically. Yet studies have shown the IQs of their children are abnormally low.

Bye-Bye, Boring Oatmeal—This Quinoa Porridge Will Jump-Start Your Mornings

[schema description]Beat the back to school blues with this gluten-free quinoa porridge topped with almond butter and raspberry preserves.[/schema]

Farmers Market Find: A Sweet Summertime Pluot Dessert

As this simple French country dessert bakes, the homemade almond cream rises up to envelop slices of sweet and tangy summer pluots.

Farmers Market Find: Cucumber Yogurt Sauce and Fresh Almonds

A light, creamy cucumber yogurt sauce made with fresh cucumbers is lovely paired with lightly seasoned halibut.

Is It Really A Good Idea to Eat Almonds All Day Long?

Is there any better snack than a handful of almonds? Especially when there are so many varieties out there to sample.

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