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Organic India’s Ashwagandha: Benefits & Background

Ashwagandha comes in many forms—from teas to supplements—all promising to help alleviate stress, rejuvenate your mind, and (just maybe) help you sleep better at night. Sounds like quite the super-herb, right? We’re diving into the details of this adaptogenic plant today with the help of ORGANIC INDIA. Learn what ashwagandha is, its many benefits, and ...

What is an Ayurvedic Beauty Routine?

What if you could achieve total wellness, both internally and externally, through one practice? Ayurveda might just be the answer. While Ayurveda is traditionally understood as an ancient form of holistic medicine, you can also incorporate clean, organic Ayurvedic beauty products into your daily routine. That’s where Banyan Botanicals can help.

Boost Your Gut Health on the Keto Diet With ORGANIC INDIA’s Psyllium Husk

The keto diet’s claim to fame is its swift results. Studies have shown that people who follow the diet experience rapid weight loss within the first two to three weeks of committing to keto, along with effects like appetite reduction and ridding excess water from the body.

Learn How This Holistic Approach to Self-Care Can Help You Find Balance

The past few months have pushed all of us to reassess how we are practicing self-care. Taking deliberate steps to care for our mental, emotional, and physical health is incredibly important, now more than ever. And while these habits are developing new significance in our own lives, health-boosting practices such as Ayurveda have been integral ...

What Is Oil Pulling? All About This Ayurvedic Practice

Even if you’re not an Ayurveda devotee, it’s likely you’ve come across some of its holistic treatments like oil pulling, dosha-directed eating guidelines, or meditation. But when Banyan Botanicals launched out of co-founder Kevin Casey’s Albuquerque home in 1996, the benefits of this ancient healing system hadn’t yet spread beyond a small group of enthusiasts ...

How Drinking Water First Thing in the Morning Can Reboot Your Body

Every culture has their morning rituals for wellness. In Hawaii, some islanders paddle out into the surf on dawn patrol before they even wipe the sleep out of their eyes.

3 Ancient Beauty Treatments That Have Stood The Test of Time

Chinese royalty relied on jade rolling for dynasty after dynasty to rid the body of bad Qi—and more importantly, to ease wrinkles and boost a beautiful complexion.

Discover Your Dosha to Find Your Perfect Skincare Regimen

There are endless skin products out there that claim to shrink pores, eliminate redness,  and smooth the complexion—so many, that choosing the right elixir or serum can be a total headache.

Turmeric & Curcumin: A Powerful Yellow Spice for Your Diet

Whether it’s ibuprofen or aspirin, most of us reflexively reach for a pill when inflammation flares up. (There’s a reason they make those gigantic 1000-count bottles, after all.) But a powerful compound found in nature can do the trick just as well—and you can find it in the spice aisle.

Skin Mapping: What Your Face Is Trying To Tell You

Facial expressions can say a lot—a crinkly eyed smile indicates real happiness, while an eye roll and a frown show visible annoyance. But our faces go beyond just exhibiting emotion, and can say a lot more about our physical health than you might think.

Eating for Good Vibes: Fact or Fiction?

Ever had a healthy meal that left you buzzing  with energy? Maybe you’re just operating on some good vibrations. From macrobiotics to Ayurvedic eating principles, dietary theories from around the world hold the belief that the food we eat impacts the balance of our energy in some way. Scientifically we know that feeding your body nutrient-dense ...

5 Ayurvedic Tips for Solving Digestion Problems

Ayurveda uses everything in nature as a medicine—and I don’t just mean herbs and oils. This system of medicine treats the air, the sun, and  the water as medicine.

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