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Cold Brew Your Iced Tea with Koridashi

With our attention more fractured than ever, what can we learn from melting ice?  Originating in Japan, koridashi refers to the process of scattering tea leaves on top of ice cubes and letting that mixture naturally melt. The water slowly pulls out the flavors of the leaves, infusing into a cloudy beverage over the course ...

Ceremonial vs. Culinary Matcha

The process of preparing a cup of matcha is ritualistic: You scoop a bit of the rich, green powder out with a spoon, sift it through a sieve to remove any clumps, allowing a dusting to gently fall into your bowl. Next, you gently pour in hot—but not quite boiling—water from a tea kettle, before ...

The Best Summer Drinks for Backyard Hangs, Pool Parties & Beach Days

Hot days call for cool drinks, so we rounded up some of the best beverages to keep you hydrated and refreshed this summer.

From Teas to Hot Toddies, 24 Winter Drink Recipes to Warm You From the Inside Out

For cozy winter feels, just add a hot drink. Hygge-inspired touches like twinkle lights and crackling fires can do the trick too, but there’s nothing quite like warming up from the inside out. And we’re not just talking about dunking a tea bag into hot water and calling it a day. Keep reading to heat ...

5 Easy Iced Tea Recipes To Try this Summer

Summer is right around the corner. While many of us will be spending more time inside this year, who says we still can’t enjoy the simple summer flavors we love? Enter: Iced tea. As an absolute must when the temperature starts to rise, iced tea comes in all shapes and sizes. From Cardamom Turmeric to ...

Matcha Ice Cream Recipe

Healthy indulgence never tasted so good. Instead of making a custard base with sugar and cream, this frosty dessert blends up creamy avocados, coconut milk and protein powder. Maple syrup adds sweetness, and a scoop of matcha powder lends a pop of color. We recommend letting it chill for a few hours to get a ...

Adaptogens Boost This Dairy-Free and Paleo Coconut Chai Latte

On this episode of Prep School, Megan Mitchell makes a supplement-powered chai latte featuring whole-plant hemp extract and adaptogenic herbs like ashwagandha, rhodiola, and lion’s mane. Plus, the chai concentrate (spiked with cinnamon, allspice, cardamom, and ginger) makes enough for 10 servings so you can enjoy it over a few days.

Taking the Fear out of Fat: Why High-Fat Mexican Cuisine May Actually Be Good for You

Torie Borrelli is an Integrative Holistic Nutritionist (NC), trained chef specializing in healing foods that decrease inflammation, and creator of The Vida Well. Her newest cookbook, The Mexican Keto Cookbook, offer more than 100 low-carb, high-fat, anti-inflammatory grounded in Mexican tradition. Today, she writes about the ins and outs of a Mexican Keto diet.

Curl Up With 5 Adaptogenic Tea Lattes

Here’s a different tea latte recipe for each day of the workweek. Whether you favor the sweet scent of rose or nutty flavors of almond and turmeric, every recipe features adaptogens—herbs that are believed to help your body respond to stress. This special class of plants may have a normalizing effect on the body, which ...

2 Hemp Extract Drink Recipes for Morning and Night

Cheers to hemp extract oil! This supplement is all the rage because it contains CBD. Short for cannabidiol, this phytocannabinoid is found in the hemp plant and is being studied for its potential wellness properties. (Also, it’s not psychoactive). So, if you’re ready to add hemp extract oil to your routine, or are looking for ...

Collagen Turmeric Iced Tea

[schema description]Here’s an easy recipe to turn basic iced tea into a protein-powered sip that’ll fuel your day. It starts with lemony Earl Grey steeped with cardamom, then swirled with creamy coconut milk and a scoop of turmeric- and cardamom-flavored collagen powder. Make a double batch so you’ll have a few days’ worth! [/schema]

Iced Vanilla Matcha Latte With Collagen Recipe

[schema description]In five minutes flat, you’ll be sipping on this iced latte made with ceremonial matcha, almond milk, and collagen powder for an added nutritional boost.[/schema]

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