Icy, White, and Delicious: 4 Magical Recipes Using Snow

December 28th, 2016

There’s nothing more wondrous than waking up to a blanket of white snow on a winter morning. A snow day—especially around the holidays—is a dream come true for just about any kid.

But once the first snowman of the year has been built, the first snowball fight won, and the first day of sledding over, what else can you do with the fluffy white stuff? Eat it, of course! The next time a blizzard rolls into your town, scoop up some of the icy stuff and make one of these five sweet recipes. Just make sure the snow you use is clean, fresh, and, well, snowy white!

1. Turn it into ice cream

Kids everywhere wait all year for the first snow to eagerly shout “SNOW CREAM” as soon as enough powder accumulates. This frozen milk, sugar, and snow concoction has a super light and fluffy consistency.

The basic recipe calls for mixing 1 cup of milk or cream, 1/3 cup of sugar, and 1 teaspoon of vanilla together, then folding in 8 cups of snow and serving immediately. Dairy-free? No problem—just try using coconut milk instead of regular milk.

2. Freeze your own maple candy

When maple syrup meets snow, the result is a delightfully sticky maple candy. Come December, you’ll find New Englanders from Maine to Connecticut chewing on this treat.

First, boil pure maple syrup for 3 or 4 minutes until it reduces down to an even thicker syrup. Pour a strip of it onto fresh, tightly packed snow and allow it to harden for a few seconds. Scoop it up with a spoon, or wrap it around a popsicle stick to enjoy as a lollipop.

3. Homemade snow cones

There’s no need for a shaved ice machine when there’s freshly fallen snow! Most snow cone sellers use a flavor syrup packed with artificial colors and a ton of sugar, but you can healthify this icy treat by using your favorite fruit juice instead.

4. Blend it into milkshakes or smoothies

Grab a few cups of fresh powder and blend them into your favorite smoothie or milkshake recipe. It’s like crushed ice, only better–you’ll be amazed at the frothy, whipped consistency!

Illustration by Karley Koenig

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