Moon Juice Founder Amanda Chantal Bacon Shares Her Postpartum Self-Care Plan

November 18, 2019

Amanda Chantal Bacon is the founder of Moon Juice, the buzzy Los Angeles-based outpost for wellness tonics, superfood-studded snacks, and adaptogenic “dusts” that aim to nourish your body and overall well-being. Bacon believes balance is the most important form of self-care—and it has become even more important with the arrival of her second child. Read on to learn why she believes the right mindset is really the key to juggling it all.

Congratulations on the birth of your daughter! How old is she now?

She just turned 4 months!

How is this postpartum period different from your first birth?

I planned for 40 days at home with my husband, a constant flow of groceries, and help from my mom with my son. I believe in 40 days of at-home rest—with walks around the neighborhood. During this time, I had lots of warm soups, good fats, and zero expectations beyond being present with my baby. It was an incredible healing journey.

At 40 days on the mark, I was filled with energy. I felt ready to re-enter the world with my baby and put my jeans back on!

Which foods and supplements did you rely on?

SuperYou and Magnesi-Om have been key! I’ve also found that I need to focus on having brothy hot foods and lots of ghee to keep my milk supply up.

It takes a lot of energy to be a working mother of two! What self-care rituals or food philosophies do you rely on to help you feel your best?

Acupuncture is my savior when I start to hit a wall. Lymphatic stimulation, like Endermologie or manual lymphatic massage, is something that has been a huge help in postpartum balance.

I’m very mindful of eating enough protein and fats, and make sure that I’m drinking enough water. I also take herbal milk enhancers. It’s all about breast milk supply!

Do you have any advice for finding balance between work, family, and time for yourself?

It’s a big juggling act and not everything can be a priority. Anything outside of family, work, and basic self-care has fallen away, and I’m okay with that. I don’t harbor any guilt about the things I can’t get done by the end of the day. I have a drawer filled with really important mail that I haven’t opened, a filling that needs replacing, and a closet that needs cleaning, but I just accept that it will get done in due time, and I don’t get too stressed about it. I finally feel okay about what gets done in a day, knowing that I’m trying my best and having a pleasant time as I do so. I’m in a happy flow and if something requires me to derail to meet it, I take that as a sign that it’s not the right way, and it’s up to me to find a better way.

For people who are new to Moon Juice, which product do you recommend they try first?


Which Moon Juice product do you find yourself using the most?

I can’t stop drinking Magnesi-Om! Morning, noon, and night.

What are some of your favorite Thrive Market products?

Thrive Market Organic Coconut Flakes Cereal and Thrive Market Coconut Oil Mayonnaise are my two go-tos.

What’s something you never travel without (or always keep in your bag)?

Water, lip balm, and Plumping Jelly Serum!

Has your definition of success changed between now and when you first started your company?

I’ve achieved a very reliable baseline of happiness and contentment. Now I want to spend my energy on finding solutions for us to evolve in sustainable ways.

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