Meet Your Maker: Mark Sisson and Primal Kitchen Mayo

Last Update: September 28, 2022

Hey, Thrive members. Let me introduce myself.

My name is Mark Sisson, and I’m a former elite endurance athlete who has made health and fitness my life’s work. Since trading in my professional running shoes 30 years ago, I’ve written a series of best-selling health and fitness books and published over 5,000 free articles on Mark’, the world’s most popular ancestral health website. Because I truly enjoy eating, I’ve spent much of the past three decades researching the healthiest — and tastiest — possible food choices. My frustration with what’s currently available at the grocery store has motivated me to pursue my latest venture: Primal Kitchen.

I’m thrilled to announce the release of Primal Kitchen’s first product aimed at helping people thrive while savoring every bite of food: Primal Kitchen Mayo. True to Thrive Market’s dedication to providing only the healthiest products created from the most ethical sources, our mayo is made with pure and wholesome avocado oil, cage-free organic eggs, a dash of salt, and organic vinegar derived from non-GMO beets — no offensive blend of synthetic industrial seed oils, no added sugar, and no trans fats allowed! We opted for rich, healthful fats so we wouldn’t have to add sugar for “taste”. And — full, rich, lingering flavor aside — we chose avocado oil for its fat composition, phytosterols and polyhydroxelated fatty alcohols, all of which are anti-inflammatory in nature. So, unlike traditional mayonnaise, you can slather on Primal Kitchen Mayo to reap a health benefit, not a deficit. Healthy mayo — who knew?

Primal Kitchen mayo is intended for anyone who follows a real food, Paleo/Primal, low-carb or otherwise healthy diet. We are revolutionizing the way people think about dressings and fat by providing functional, phytonutrient-rich, high antioxidant alternatives to the overly processed and harmful oils that have overrun grocery aisles for too long. It’s my mission to make healthy eating easy and exciting by creating the world’s best-tasting, nutrient-dense sauces and dressings. And that’s where Thrive Market and Primal Kitchen make the perfect partnership.

Both Thrive Market and Primal Kitchen recognize a major distinction: there’s a big difference between surviving and thriving. Surviving is the bare minimum. It’s the heartbeat that thumps steady but dull, rather than vibrant with passion. It’s a plain rice and corn diet, instead of a colorful plate of nutritious vegetables and top quality protein. It’s “getting by” every day instead of living each second to its fullest. Thriving is your life at its peak performance. Your body at its healthiest and most energetic. Your mind at its sharpest and most creative. Your relationships at their most loving and generous. And with Thrive Market and Primal Kitchen, when you’re thriving, others can too. So why survive … when we can all thrive together?

I know you’ll love the mayo once you get your hands on a bottle. So, until then, live awesome and thrive!

Try out your Primal Kitchen Mayo in a delicious potato salad, curried chicken salad, or bacon, egg and avocado salad — all Paleo-approved!

Photo credit: Mark Sisson

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Mark Sisson

Mark Sisson is the author of the best-selling book The Primal Blueprint, publisher of the world's most well-trafficked blog on paleo, primal and ancestral health (, and the owner of Primal Nutrition, Inc. (

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