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Extra Virgin Olive Oil vs. Olive Oil

Although extra virgin olive oil and olive oil are often interchangeable in the culinary world, there are a few nuances worth noting. (the difference between olive oil and butter being one such example). We’re diving into the history of olives, spotlighting our members’ favorite bottles, and sharing plenty of cooking ideas that go way beyond ...

Jelly vs. Jam: Preserves, Conserves & More

Get ready for the culinary timeline you never knew you needed, our favorite recipes, and best jars to stock your pantry.

A Home Cook’s Guide to Salts

Any home cook worth their salt knows this ingredient is a non-negotiable kitchen staple. After all, a simple pinch can make everything from mushrooms to meat do one important and profoundly simple thing: taste like the best version of itself. But which salt is best? With myriad options to choose from these days, the basic ...

The Golden Shelfie Awards: Our Best Healthy Products, Chosen by You

The triumphs, the snubs, the outfits…it must be awards season. This year, we’re putting our own spin on the entertainment industry’s big moment and rolling out the red carpet for our members’ most beloved products. It’s the first-ever Thrive Market Golden Shelfie Awards!

5 Ingredient Challenge with Chef Megan Mitchell

What five items do you have in your kitchen? We asked, you answered! And Megan Mitchell is here to turn those ingredients into two unique, easy recipes. Keep reading to see the sweet and savory items that make these dishes special.

How to Get Resourceful In the Kitchen

Stretching ingredients can save you money and cut down on food waste—but it’s also become an essential part of daily life as we stay hunkered down during COVID-19. If you’re hesitant to make recipe swaps, not sure what to do with beet greens, or have questions about how to store ingredients (yes, you can freeze ...

Pantry Pumpkin Muffins with Praline Topping

Not sure what to do with that canned pumpkin purée? While pumpkin is typically an autumnal staple, Angela Gaines shows us how to give this common pantry item a springtime twist. Plus, you can make this quick, easy, and delicious muffin recipe in less than 30 minutes.

Shop Your Pantry: Minimize Food Waste by Getting Strategic

There are people who know exactly what’s in their pantries, where to find it, and what to do with it. Then there are those who wouldn’t even think about wading through the abyss of the back shelves—unless there were a life-threatening pandemic and one of the few places left to spread germs happened to be ...

Pantry Pasta with White Beans, Olives and Capers

In search of a creative way to make pasta this week? Just look in your pantry! Chef Megan Mitchell shares her go-to pantry pasta recipe, which you can make in under 20 minutes.

Creative Ways to Cook with Pantry Staples

Even if you’re usually pretty strategic when food shopping, your most recent grocery haul may have been anything but. During a time when we’re being encouraged to social distance and work from home, our pantry staples are becoming increasingly more relevant in our day-to-day lives. It’s perfectly understandable if your weekly stock-up has been more ...

Grapeseed Oil vs. Olive Oil

No healthy pantry is complete without oil, but which one is best? There’s a huge range of options, with various colors, flavors, uses, and nutritional values at play. It’s enough to make anyone’s head spin when trying to stock your pantry. Today, let’s kick overwhelm to the curb! We’re breaking down two popular picks—olive oil ...

What Is Thrive Market Goods? Meet the Brand That’s Bringing Goodness to the World

Meet Thrive Market Goods, our expertly curated line of 500+ products we’ve developed from scratch to raise the bar for pantry basics. Every product in the collection—from tomato sauce and pasta to paper goods and cleaning products—breaks new ground when it comes to quality, sustainability, and taste, and challenges other brands to keep up. Our ...

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