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Get Motivated with 3 Practical Fitness Tips from Trainer Sydney Miller

No days off. Rise and grind. When it comes to fitness, there’s no shortage of motivational one-liners. But a catchy slogan can’t actually get up and do the workout for you. And when you’re juggling work or school obligations and your personal life, some days it just feels like an impossible task.

Tight on Time? This 4-Move Routine Works Every Muscle in 15 Minutes

For all the excuses you could come up with for not going to the gym, lack of time shouldn’t be one of them.

4 Moves to Tone Your Inner Thighs and Improve Your Balance

In case the dwindling daylight and holiday products popping up in stores everywhere haven’t been obvious enough, let us remind you … winter is coming. This year in particular is poised to be an icy, snowy mess, according to the trusty old Farmers’ Almanac, which means more than the temps will be falling.

4 Arm-Sculpting Push-Up Variations That Make Your Arms Quiver

Confession: I can’t do a push-up. I fake my way through them every time I’m in a workout class. What’s the secret if you have zero upper-body strength? —Erin M.

How to Master a Lunges Workout

The leg and lower body machines at the gym terrify me—especially the weird inner-thigh-squeeze thingy. What are some exercises I can do to get strong, toned legs without embarrassing (or injuring) myself? —Alyson M.

The Easiest Glute-Toning, Butt-Lifting Workout Ever (Just 3 Moves)

First it was J. Lo. Then it was Kim K. Now, Blake Lively. Our cultural obsession with derrieres is serious.

How to Slim Your Hips and Melt That Muffin Top in 5 Moves

I’m finally coming out of deep winter hibernation mode (aka living in sweatpants for six months) and it seems my summer clothes are a little tighter around the waist. Are there any moves that can help shed that “muffin top?”  —Joanna T.

Gyms Are Even Grosser Than We Ever Thought, and More in Our Weekly Feed

Every Monday, we’re rounding up the biggest news bites in health and wellness. In this week’s episode: treadmills, stationary bikes, and free weights at the gym are 362 times dirtier than a toilet seat.

VIDEO: Break a Sweat and Have a Blast With a Dance Workout From Jessica Alba’s Trainer

Confession: one summer when I was a kid, my sole purpose in life was to teach myself the choreography from Janet Jackson’s “If.” Did I ever master the over-the-top moves? Let’s just say, I’m very lucky YouTube did not exist in 1993 to document my awkward attempts.

VIDEO: Jillian Michaels Shares Her Top 3 Fat-Burning Workout Secrets

Will weight training give you Incredible Hulk–like muscles? Should you be doing cardio or resistance training for the most optimal fat burning? How do you find your maximum heart rate? If only you could ask these questions of a celebrity trainer. Actually, you can. We’ve got you.

What’s the Best Way to Start Working Out Again?

It’s a New Year, so of course I feel like I should start working out again. But it’s been so long that I don’t even know where to start. Any tips on how to get excited about getting fit? —James D.

The 5-Minute Ab Workout You Can Do Anywhere

I know I won’t be able to fit in my regular workouts over the holidays. Even though it’s kind of like vacation, I don’t want to totally fall off the fitness bandwagon… And I still want to fit into my pants come December 26! What are the best moves I can do on the road ...

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