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Last Update: September 27, 2022

All of our beef is sourced from Patagonian mountain prairies in Osorno, Chile where cattle are raised by small and mid-size rancheros called huasos. These families make sure the animals have plenty of room to roam, graze on abundant grass, and most importantly not overgraze in any particular area of the pasture. When we visited our partners, we were blown away by the vibrance and health of their farming system—untouched by chemicals, fertilizers, or antibiotics, and nourished by clean air and mountain spring water. Thanks to an ideal climate and deeply ingrained agricultural traditions, this region is one of the few places on earth where cattle graze on nutrient-dense grasses 365 days a year, resulting in lean, delicious beef.

Here are some of the highlights of our beef program:

  • 100% grass-fed and -finished, no antibiotics or hormones—ever
  • Cattle are pasture-raised on lush mountain prairies
  • Sourced from a collective of small and mid-size farmers in Chile
  • Animals spend 365 days a year outdoors, with plenty of extra room to roam

Program Standards

Meat Map

Setting a High Bar for Low-Density Grazing

If cattle had it their way, they’d munch on a few big bites of vibrant green grass, then move onto the next patch. Unfortunately, overcrowded farmland makes it difficult for animals to exhibit innate behaviors, which means they’ll chew grass down to its root, making it harder to regrow, depleting soil nutrients, and blocking the natural ability of grass to sequester carbon in the atmosphere. When researching ranchers, it was important to us to find a family-owned business that supported low-density grazing because fewer cattle per acre means the land is healthier, and the animals are happier.

When we visited our partners, we were blown away by the vibrance and health of their farming system—untouched by chemicals, fertilizers, or antibiotics, and nourished by clean air and mountain spring water.

Get the Scoop on Grass-Fed

We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but a label stamped as grass-fed beef doesn’t always tell the whole story. Before World War II, cattle were typically born, raised, and finished on the same farm, and the meat would be sold in nearby communities. As supermarket networks were established, larger supply chains were needed to accommodate the demand, and one of the big changes was creating feedlots where animals were shipped to be finished more economically in the last 120 days of their lives, largely on grain. (Even 100% grass-fed cattle are sometimes fed grass pellets in the winter if they’re forced to come indoors due to inclement weather.)

Meat & Seafood

The other factor to consider is the health of the grass itself, which, depending on the location, climate, or density (see above), could be overgrazed, dry, and deficient in key nutrients. Our cattle are raised on the sunny pastures of Chile, and spend their entire life outdoors enjoying the sunshine year-round. Try a box, and we know you’ll taste the difference.


With a freezer full of chuck roast, ground beef, and ribeye steak, it’s time to get cooking. Here are some of our favorite recipes that’ll make meat the star of your next dish.

Peruvian Stir Fry (Feat. Beef Tenderloin)

This traditional Peruvian beef stir-fry can be cooked up in a hurry. Once all the ingredients are prepped, it only takes a few minutes to sear the meat and blister the veggies. A hot pan is the secret to locking in flavor in about two minutes flat!

Steak With Cherry Sauce (Feat. Ribeye)

Impress your guests with a perfectly tender steak, plus homemade BBQ sauce cooked with juicy cherries and red wine. The recipe comes from Chef Sam Kass, who used to work in the White House where he cooked for President Barack Obama and his family, and advocated for better food and nutrition policy on Capitol Hill.

Best Burger (Feat. Ground Beef)

Burger night done right. Fire up the grill and mix up your ground beef with our go-to seasonings like salt, garlic powder, Dijon mustard, and Worcestershire sauce for maximum flavor.

Bring on the beef! Our new Meat and Seafood program offers some of the most exceptional cuts around, and helps support the kind of sustainable and accessible food future we’re constantly striving for. Read our blog for the rest of the stories: Pasture-Raised Pork, Organic Chicken, and Sustainable Seafood.

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