4 Short, At-Home Workouts You Can Fit Into Your Holiday Schedule

December 26, 2016
by Michelle Pellizzon for Thrive Market
4 Short, At-Home Workouts You Can Fit Into Your Holiday Schedule

Between Thanksgiving and the end of the year it’s hard enough to find time to do laundry—let alone fit in a workout.

But guess what  . . .  You totally can! What these four workouts lack in duration they make up for in intensity. Whether you just have a few minutes to sweat it out or can dedicate a full 30 to kicking your own butt, these routines will give you the extra boost of endorphins you need to sail through the holidays with ease.

If you have:

5 minutes

Get your arm game on point with this this workout. All it takes is a yoga mat, some light weights (or soup cans!), and five minutes to get muscles quivering and sweat dripping. Try it while you’re waiting for holiday cookies to cool, or right before a night on the town—especially if there’s a sleeveless dress involved.

8 minutes

Try this ab workout—twice. Working in short circuits will fatigue the muscles and encourage fat loss, and repeating all the movements twice is guaranteed to make you feel the burn.

10 minutes

Commit to a full-body workout. It’s only ten minutes, but you’ll work your arms, abs, legs, and glutes and get your heart racing. Go ahead and put on your favorite playlist (we won’t judge you if it includes the Biebs); studies have shown that listening to music inspires you to work harder in sweat sessions.

30 minutes

Busy addressing holiday cards? Multitask your Yuletide chores by adding a little workout in. Try Dolvett Quince’s sneaky desk workout—from triceps to glutes, you’ll heat up fast, even if it’s cold outside.

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