Best Beef Cuts for the Keto Diet

January 3rd, 2019

If you’re keeping a keto diet, there’s a good chance beef is on the menu. After all, it’s a source of protein that helps keep you full, and one of the ways to help your body reach ketosis. The key to the diet is cutting back on carbs, which forces your body to stop burning glucose and start burning reserved fat stores instead. And when the fat is converted to ketones—water-soluble molecules produced by the liver during periods of low food intake—that’s when you enter ketosis.

Best Beef Cuts for the Keto Diet

One of the components of any keto diet is fat—the healthy kind. Ingredients like avocados, olive oil, butter, fatty fish (like salmon and sardines), nuts and seeds, coconut oil, and fatty cuts of meat are all keto-approved. But which types of meat make the grade? Here are the best cuts to include in your ketogenic meal plan. And like any diet, success will depend on getting the right amount of nutrients. Before you start cooking, an online keto calculator can help determine the ratios that work for you based on your height, weight, and activity levels.

Ribeye Steak

Pan Seared Ribeye

Also known as a Delmonico steak, Spencer steak, and Scotch fillet, this cut comes from the center of the rib steak. The fact that it’s highly marbled with fat means it’s extra delicious.

Skirt Steak

Skirt Steak

Cut from the underside, skirt steak cooks fast, making it a great option for weeknight keto dinners. And the intense flavor is ideal for everything from fajitas to salads to marinades.

New York Strip Steak


The beautifully marbled New York strip comes from the top of the short loin, and cooks best over direct high-heat, so it’s perfect for getting your grill on.

Porterhouse Steak


The porterhouse is a thick, bone-in cut that includes both a tenderloin steak and a New York strip steak. It’s built for sharing and perfect for a keto-themed dinner party!

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