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Need More Fiber? Chia Seeds Can Help—Here’s How

Chia seeds aren’t much bigger than grains of sand, but they’re a superfood ingredient that’s worthy of space on your shelf. In addition to being the foundation of custardy desserts (we’re obsessed with this golden milk chia seed pudding recipe), chia seeds can help you add more fiber to your diet. Read on to learn ...

Pumpkin Spiced Chia Seed Pudding Recipe

[schema description]Chia seeds might be small, but they’re downright magical. Stirred with creamy almond milk and fragrant spices, chia seeds bloom into a luscious, pumpkin-infused dessert that’s ready to satisfy fall cravings. There’s even a spoonful of energizing MCT oil for an added nutritional and keto-friendly boost! This is a make-ahead recipe, so plan on ...

Golden Milk Chia Seed Pudding Recipe

[schema description]We love an easy make-ahead breakfast around here! Today we’re puddin’ protein (20g per serving!) into this chia seed treat thanks to a bottle of grass-fed golden milk. It’s rich, creamy, and delivers key nutrients like B12, magnesium, and calcium, plus a dash of turmeric and ginger, too. Simply mix the drink with chia ...

Coffee Chia Pudding Recipe

[schema description]Here’s a make-ahead way to get your morning or afternoon caffeine kick! This luscious pudding starts with a base of freshly brewed coffee, rich macadamia milk, and creamy coconut milk. It thickens up thanks to the magic of chia seeds (which expand in liquid) and is sweetened with honey and a touch of cacao. ...

18 Ways to Use Chia Seeds

With so many superfoods to choose from these days, it’s tough to pick a favorite, but chia seeds easily soar to the top of the list. Not only are chia seeds exceptionally versatile, they’re full of wholesome nutrients and health benefits. Eat them whole or ground, bake them into your next recipe, or blend in ...

Black Bean Brownie Bites Recipe

[schema description]When it comes to hiding beans in baked goods, brownies are a go-to, but now there’s a bite-sized treat that’s still big on crave-worthy flavor. These decadent truffle-like bites are extra creamy thanks to a silky mix of coconut oil, almond butter, maple syrup, and cacao. The beans add a bit of protein, and ...

Why We Love Chia Seeds—and the Easiest Way to Harness Their Power

The legendary Tarahumara people of northern Mexico routinely ran for 200 miles without rest or injury. How were they able to endure? Like the Aztec warriors who came before them, they took advantage of chia seeds.

Benefits of Chia Seeds

Tapioca. Boba. Jello. Rice pudding. Mochi.

Flourless Chocolate Zucchini Muffins Recipe

[schema description]When the garden (or local farmer’s market) hands you an abundance of zucchini, there’s only one thing to do—make muffins! The squash keeps the batter moist, and pairs perfectly with cacao powder and chocolate chips. Pro tip: Bake these Paleo-friendly muffins ahead of time—they’re more fudge-y and flavorful the next day.[/schema]

Layered Berry Smoothie Recipe

[schema description]You could say this drink is dressed to impress—with five stunning layers of smoothie blends, chia pudding, and berry mash. And with flavors ranging from earthy beet to tart blueberry to butterscotch-esque maca, it tastes as good as it looks. Note: Follow the order below to keep it simple and wash the blender as you go![/schema]

Coconut-Cacao Granola Recipe

[schema description]Paleo granola: No, that’s not an oxymoron. To make the sweet, crunchy breakfast favorite grain-free, swap out the oats for a mixture of coconut, nuts, and seeds. Here, we’ve added cacao powder and nibs for a healthy morning treat chocoholics will love. [/schema]

Chia Seeds vs Flaxseeds

The ’90s were dark times for flaxseeds and chia seeds. Back then, flaxseeds had been dubbed a “health food,” but most of the products made from them—flax crackers, anyone?—tasted like wood chips. And though ch-ch-ch-chia pets were at the height of their glory, we now know there are a lot better ways to use the ...

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