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Keto Vietnamese Iced Coffee Recipe

There are plenty of ways to enjoy coffee while keeping things keto. This easy keto iced coffee recipe requires only a few ingredients, and it blends up in just a few minutes. A vanilla-flavored keto creamer made with emulsified MCT oil add richness, and a diet-friendly sugar substitute makes it perfectly sweet. Spices like nutmeg ...

From Teas to Hot Toddies, 24 Winter Drink Recipes to Warm You From the Inside Out

For cozy winter feels, just add a hot drink. Hygge-inspired touches like twinkle lights and crackling fires can do the trick too, but there’s nothing quite like warming up from the inside out. And we’re not just talking about dunking a tea bag into hot water and calling it a day. Keep reading to heat ...

Adaptogens Boost This Dairy-Free and Paleo Coconut Chai Latte

On this episode of Prep School, Megan Mitchell makes a supplement-powered chai latte featuring whole-plant hemp extract and adaptogenic herbs like ashwagandha, rhodiola, and lion’s mane. Plus, the chai concentrate (spiked with cinnamon, allspice, cardamom, and ginger) makes enough for 10 servings so you can enjoy it over a few days.

Cashew-Butter Coffee Recipe

Dr. Mark Hyman loves to kick up his morning coffee, and this creamy and frothy 5-minute recipe couldn’t be easier. The idea comes straight from his latest cookbook, “FOOD: What the Heck Should I Cook?” and combines healthy fats with medium-chain triglycerides for a nutritional boost to your morning cup. Cashew-Butter Coffee Yield: 1 serving ...

Walnut Milk Recipe

[schema description]Move over, almonds. Almond milk might be the most popular dairy alternative to DIY, but don’t forget about cashews, pecans, and … walnuts. In this easy recipe, the nuts just need an overnight soak plus a whirl in the blender to make a rich, toasty beverage perfect in smoothies, with granola, or on its ...

Paleo Matcha Latte Recipe

[schema description]Get your matcha fix with this easy, three-ingredient latte. It’s Paleo-friendly, and you can make it vegan by swapping maple syrup in for honey, or keep things keto by using a sugar alternative. Bonus: This recipe is an easy one to memorize so you can enjoy a cozy sip anytime.[/schema]

Golden Milk Latte Recipe

[schema description]With ingredients like nut milk, honey, and spices, this frothy sip has all the makings of a classic golden milk latte, but we’ve blended in a scoop of turmeric-flavored bone broth powder for an added boost of protein. It’s the perfect five-minute recipe to transition you from winter to spring.[/schema]

Tomato Paste Virgin Bloody Mary With CBD Oil Recipe

[schema description]Sunday brunch, meet your new favorite mocktail. We nixed the vodka and added a shot of hemp extract oil, aka CBD oil, instead. The homemade veggie juice is a dynamite blend of tomato paste, apple cider vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, celery seeds, and cayenne for the ultimate kick. Cheers![/schema]

CBD Matcha Tonic

[schema description]Meet next-level spa water. This refreshing beverage starts with a base of coconut water, which is then infused with cucumbers, Japanese matcha tea, fragrant basil, and a few drops of hemp extract oil, which may support your immunity and nervous system—naturally. So sit back, relax, and enjoy, and maybe exfoliate with a DIY mud ...

Fermented Turmeric Wellness Shot

[schema description]Morning, sunshine! We’ve got just the thing to perk up your day—a wellness shot blended with vibrant turmeric. New Chapter’s supplement is fermented with probiotic strains aimed at supporting digestion, and a squeeze of honey helps sweeten up bold ingredients like ginger, apple cider vinegar, and black pepper. Bottoms up! [/schema]

Magnesium Moon Milk Recipe

[schema description]If you’re in bed counting sheep every night, might we suggest sipping on some moon milk as a delicious alternative? Our vegan version features a blend of fragrant spices (think cardamom and cinnamon), creamy coconut milk, plus a dose of orange-flavored magnesium—an essential element used by nearly every component of the body. This drink ...

Fermented Turmeric Iced Latte Recipe

[schema description]Turmeric is a bright orange root native to Southeast Asia that’s been used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries, as a quintessential spice in Indian cooking, and even as a natural fabric dye. New Chapter ferments its turmeric with probiotics and whole foods, which makes it easier for the body to digest. Just add a ...

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