What We Can Learn From Chomps’ Commitment to Animal Welfare

Last Update: April 22, 2021

Chomps doesn’t shy away from a challenge. In a world where coal-powered factories take precedence and animal welfare is second priority to profit—Chomps is committed to doing the complete opposite. The company has a net positive environmental impact and all of their products will be Certified Humane by the end of 2021.

We interviewed Pete Maldonado, CEO and Co-Founder of Chomps, to learn about how the company is committed to positive change in the industry all year long—and especially during Earth Month.

What is Chomps doing to honor Earth Month?

We like to think we honor the earth and environment year-round, based on our sourcing and sustainability practices! We are committed to continue growing and building upon these practices to ensure we’re honoring the earth as it should be for future generations.

Tell us about Chomps’ net-positive environmental impact. What does that mean?

Chomps is dedicated to producing a net-positive impact. We’re accomplishing this by sourcing our proteins from farmers who follow natural regenerative agriculture methods, such as rotational grazing.

Most companies use coal to get the furnace-generating power at the production facility. Our facility switched from coal to plant-derived Pyrethrum Pellets, allowing us to move towards becoming completely carbon neutral.

Why is having a net-positive environmental impact important?

The environment is an important factor in all of our sourcing decisions. Not only do we want to build a strong, successful business, we want to ensure that in the future we’re able to look back and be proud of the overall impact our business had on all of our stakeholders. And there’s no question that we consider the environment to be a stakeholder in our business! As Chomps grows, so does its impact on the environment. We made the decision very early on that we would do whatever it takes to make sure that impact is positive.


Chomps is committed to animal welfare and your beef is Certified Humane. Take us through the process of becoming certified, and what other products will be certified in the future?

The first step was becoming familiar with the HFAC Animal Care Standards so we understood what was needed to comply. Next, we went through an application process that provided important details about our operations. Then there was an inspection process that looked at our farms and processing facilities to review each and every standard. After the inspection, we participated in an “exit interview” in which the inspector talked with us about the findings, and submitted the report for a decision from HFAC. If we complied with all the standards and requirements, we could become certified for one year. And we did! Each year, we renew our application and are reinspected to ensure the standards are still being met.

All of our beef is Certified Humane. We are committed to ensuring our venison and turkey are Certified Humane by the end of 2021.

What does Certified Humane entail for the animal?

Certified Humane means our farmers must adhere to strict guidelines that protect the animals’ quality of life. It’s a commitment to improving the lives of farm animals by using kinder and more responsible animal practices.

When you see the Certified Humane Raised and Handled label on a product you can be assured that the food products have come from facilities that meet precise, objective standards for farm-animal treatment.

Why is this important to Chomps?

The fair and kind treatment of the animals we use in our products matters to us, both ethically and relative to the quality of our products.

For someone new to Chomps, which product do you recommend they start with?

Our Original Beef flavor. It features the savory taste that first made Chomps popular: slightly smokey, slightly spicy.

What are your favorite ways to use Chomps throughout the day?

Given that many people are spending a lot of time at home right now, we’re focused on showing how you can get creative in the kitchen with Chomps. Our fans are loving them as a protein-packed addition to their favorite meals—whether it’s as a salad topper, stuffed in a breakfast quesadilla, or added to a charcuterie board or snack plate.

And of course, Chomps is perfect for an on-the-go protein snack, or to stash in your desk drawer when you need some high-quality fuel.

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