Goddess Garden

The roots of Goddess Garden go far beyond our facilities here in Boulder County, Colorado. They lie in the Pacific Northwest where our founders Nova Covington and Paul Halter spent their childhood. Nova grew up in Oregon and the deep woods of British Columbia, and Paul in rural Oregon. During their childhood, they both became “early environmentalists” and developed an understanding of the power of nature and a love and appreciation for the great outdoors. Years later, after careers in corporate America, Nova and Paul became more keenly aware of the need for change in the skincare industry when their first daughter, Paige, was allergic to the chemicals in traditional bath and cosmetic products. Nova, with an herbalist background, and Paul, with a nutrition science degree, were inspired to develop safe skincare solutions, using the pure minerals zinc oxide and titanium dioxide as the active agents for sun protection. From there, Goddess Garden began to grow. In 2005, Goddess Garden had its first big kick off at the Telluride Bluegrass Festival, where the true course of the product line was about to reveal itself. Back then, Goddess Garden was mainly a spa product line, with natural sunscreen as one of 30 other products. But while other products gained some interest, the sunscreen was completely sold out by the second day of the festival. People found themselves at their booth by following the inviting scent of the essential oils in the natural sunscreen. In 2008, Nova, Paul, and their team made their first visit to a natural product show, Expo East, where they saw a sea of similar brands and an opportunity for an organic sunscreen company to thrive. Since then, older products have been dropped and replaced with a dedication to innovating within an organic sunscreen focus. The first big milestone for innovation was the production of the first family-sized sunscreen lotion bottles; before Goddess Garden, natural sunscreen could only be found in personal-sized bottles. Next came the first mineral spray sunscreen with the innovative trigger spray bottle. The latest addition that the Goddess Garden team is especially proud of is their natural non-aerosol continuous spray bottle; again, the only one of its kind on the market.

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