Detox-Depuff Charcoal Lemonade Under Eye HydrogelsDetox-Depuff Charcoal Lemonade Under Eye Hydrogels813424021397When your skin gives the puffy look of lemons, give it lemonade. Acure Detox-Depuff Charcoal Lemonade Under Eye Hydrogels protect this delicate skin and can deflate its appearance with detoxifying ingredients like activated charcoal, lemon extract, and cucumber. Good for combination to oily skin. With no parabens, sulfates, or silicone.2 single-use eye gels
Beware if you have sensitive skin - by Beware if you have sensitive skin. For some reason, I can't use any of these gelee type masks. They give me a rash.
Tears easily - by The eyepatches were very fragile, one fell apart while taking it from the package, the other fell apart while I was applying it. I tried to piece them together but it just didn’t work. I tried other types of eye patches from this company and never had a problem.
Disintegrated upon opening the package - by Like a couple of recent reviews stated, the eye patches completely fell apart into small pieces when I opened the package, and I had to throw them away. They were a lot thinner than normal eye masks and the gel substance was almost liquid-y. Maybe a bad batch.
Love! - by I bought these to help hydrate my skin under my eyes. I have very dry, red, patchy and sensitive skin. They do sting a little when first applied but it goes away. I keep them in the fridge to calm my skin when it’s irritated.
Crumbled when i opened the package - by I didn't get to use these. The contents crumbled before I could take them in my hands out of the packaging

Detox-Depuff Charcoal Lemonade Under Eye Hydrogels

2 single-use eye gels
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