Houseplant & Garden Insect RemedyHouseplant & Garden Insect Remedy850017338203Aunt Fannie's uses essential oils for this handy spray that helps protect houseplants from common insects like aphids, moths & more.16 fl oz bottle
Seemed to work! - by Since I used this product on my dracaena the leaves have returned to a healthy state. So glad for this.
It works - by Happy to use something natural on my plants
Works! - by I was a little bit confused on how to use this at first, but it worked and my plants look pest-free.
The only thing that works! - by I’ve tried many solutions for house plants and this is the only thing that work!
still using - by been using this on some of my plants it didn't seem to do much at first but they look a lot healthier not that I've kept up with it. finally some of my house plants are growing properly.
Aunt Fannie's
Aunt Fannie's

Houseplant & Garden Insect Remedy

16 fl oz bottle$0.53/fl oz
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