Dryer Egg, Fragrance Free, Value packDryer Egg, Fragrance Free, Value pack710535105063Ecoegg's Dryer Eggs help separate your laundry so more air can circulate, which may reduce drying time by up to 28%. Each device is hypoallergenic, and a great way to save on your electricity bills.2 count
Dried great - by My clothes feel softer and dry faster. I use these paired with a wool dryer ball with essential oils. Sometimes it’s a bit loud having these in the dryer.
Love these - by I no longer buy boxes of dryer sheets. These are great!!
Effective but emitting plastic smell - by I think this product is effective, but it emits a typical plastic odor during drying. I am not sure the smell will go away after several uses.
Loud - by It works just as well as the wool balls, but is very loud. Constently making a thunk thunk sound in the dryer. I would use if i had a new dry because it can't be good for it...but i haven't updated the applicant yet. Also because of the noise i am limited on when i can dry laundry.
Great value - by Does a great job fluffing my clothes and has replaced dryer sheets. Saves a ton of money and great for our planet too!

Dryer Egg, Fragrance Free, Value pack

2 count
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