Pain Relief SalvePain Relief Salve852878005447Arnica is the star ingredient in Green Goo Pain Relief Salve. Mimicking hot and cold therapies, the formula helps increase circulation and temporarily ease aches from bruises, sore muscles, and arthritis.1.82 oz jar
Feels good - by I’ve only used a couple of times. Its really moisturizing. I feel like I notice the healing moisture more than pain relief. Waiting to try it on my next bruise.
Good salve - by The green goo pain relief didn’t work right away, but when I wore it everyday before work I found that it helped during the day. I hold my daughter with my right arm and she climbed and pulled my arm and I had intense shoulder pain. After wearing green goo everyday and stretching and foam rolling. The pain went away!
Pain Relief! - by Very helpful for muscle stiffness and headache relief!
Soothing healing balm - by I used some pain relief salve on my arm where I got my Covid booster shot a couple days ago, and it is helping ease some of the soreness there. I also find it feels soothing on my fingers & hands when they are feeling sore from working at the computer. It has a lovely smell which serves as aromatherapy, and I love the warming and soothing effect! I love the plant medicine ingredients. I will definitely keep using!
Great salve - by I really enjoyed the healing relief from this salve.
Green Goo
Green Goo

Pain Relief Salve

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