Baby Food Freezer Tray, GreenBaby Food Freezer Tray, Green715418077499Green Sprouts® Baby Food Silicone Freezer Tray is a kitchen must-have for making baby food. Tray holds 15 1-ounce cubes of puree or breast milk. Once frozen, baby food cubes can be stored in other containers, so the tray can be reused. Silicone freezer tray makes it easy to push frozen cubes out without having to warm the tray first. BPA free, PVC free, phthalate and nitrosamine free. Heat resistant up to 425 degrees. Dishwasher and microwave safe.1 each
Good - by Good product. I use to freeze stock and other things I don’t want to defrost a whole container of at a time.
Use them weekly - by I love these trays. Perfect portion sizing.
Ehhh okay ice tray - by Not my favorite ice tray, the individual cubes can be hard to pop out. Thrive has another ice tray that’s red & the individual cubes are slightly separated which makes it easier to pop out!
Not ideal - by I like the size of this dish for freezing baby purée portions, however, the material is too flimsy and there isn’t quite enough space between each square. You have to take all the frozen items out at once to store in a ziplock/rezip ouch because they won’t pop out without some thawing under tepid water first. There is such little space between the slots there is goi f to be overlap and it makes it even harder to pop the squares out as individual items.
Ehhh - by I like the flexibility but I've had issues with the lid not staying on to the point of frustration. Will not recommend to anyone.
Green Sprouts
Green Sprouts

Baby Food Freezer Tray, Green

1 each