Unsweetened Macadamia Mylk BaseUnsweetened Macadamia Mylk Base853718008383Modest Mylk’s concentrated nut mylk bases allow you to make healthy homemade nut mylk in 60 seconds using just a scoop of the base, water and a blender. No more soaking/straining nuts! Now it’s easier than ever to make healthy, delicious, eco-friendly, and affordable non-dairy milk.11 oz jar
Convenient - by I must say that I have used as a creamer, but live to use these as a nut butter even more! A little goes a long way. I teach and don’t always have time to prepare something healthy, so I resort to nut butters. A spoonful gets me through a craving/hunger pang!
Just ok. - by The taste and texture was just ok.
chunky - by maybe I got a batch that wasn't processed enough, but I made this and it had serious chunks of nuts! I blended it in my nutribullet for like 2 minutes too because I could see the texture in it. so if you want smooth nut milk, you might need to strain it if you use this. I will just deal with the slightly unpleasant texture because straining is too much work lol
Not great - by It's essentially coconut oil with chunks of macadamia nut, runny so needs stirring everyday, 11oz but says there are 42 tbsp servings?!
It's good, but... - by I don't know if it's me, or if most products made with macadamia nuts taste a bit Rancid. This was no exception, the milk was okay if I mixed it with something else, but it just had a rancid taste to it.
Modest Mylk
Modest Mylk

Unsweetened Macadamia Mylk Base

11 oz jar
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