Sweater PumiceSweater Pumice852835006463All-natural and eco-friendly made from 100% recycled glass • Naturally removes pilling and pet hair from sweaters, blankets, and upholstery • Includes printed sleeve for storage • Restores the “just bought” look on fibers • Lint rollers do not remove unsightly pilling0.06 oz
not my favorite - by this is my first experience with a pumice but I found that it flaked off all over everything.
Works well on all clothes! - by I used this on sports bras, athletic pants, sweaters, etc and it worked on everything!!
Effective Pill Remover - by While this pumice was effective at removing pills from my sweaters, it produced lots of dust in the process. I would probably purchase it again.
eh - by love Molly Suds, but not impressed by the sweater pumice. it left black residue on my clothes
Works great! - by Used to help with piling on a few sweaters. Works great!
Molly's Suds
Molly's Suds

Sweater Pumice

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