Immune Energy Mix, Combo PackImmune Energy Mix, Combo PackX002MP8LY9Rehydrate and support your immunity at the same time. Pureboost's Immune Energy Mix Combo Pack lets you sample a range of convenient drink mixes that deliver elderberry, vitamin C, selenium, zinc, and other beneficial vitamins.30 packets
Fizzy - by I enjoy the energy mix, it adds a great flavor to my soda stream water, it making it fizzy and fun to drink
Best soda alternative - by I started buying Pureboost when I wanted to quit buying soda. I love the fizz and how it doesn't taste like artifical sweetener. The flavor pack is the best one yet.
Great Value compared to Canned Energy Drinks - by I’ve been looking for an alternative to my canned energy drink habit and decided to give these a shot and I really like them. I recently took them on travel and they’re not too sweet and do not taste artificial at all. They don’t mix well without vigorous shaking or a spoon, which I think is pretty normal! Love them!
Gave me a headache - by I was so bummed that these gave me headaches after drinking one time. I tried many times but couldn’t. Not sure what’s in theM that did that. Would recommend giving them a try but def not for everyone.
Love it! - by Great taste and benefits

Immune Energy Mix, Combo Pack

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